Mzesumzira Birthday with Sisyphos

Sep 09 / Fri

8 years ago, when we gathered and planned the first event, we could never  imagine, that on the 8th anniversary of Mzesumzira's birthday, we would host the legendary club from Berlin Sisyphos.

During those years, we met countless people and most importantly, we received and shared lot of emotions.

Now our events got bigger, but the first goals and spirit has not changed a bit.

That's why, we are more than happy to invite you again at Mzesumzira's birthday party on September 9th in our cozy eZo.


Line Up:

- eZo
- Abdali
- Norman Weber
- DavID Silver
- Juli. N More


- Kdema
- Vas+++
- Audio Space B2B Gio Shengelia


kOs mOs

- Sumo


Tickets prices

- I basket - 30 ₾ 
- II basket - 40 ₾
- III basket - 50 ₾
- At the door - 50 ₾