General Terms and Conditions

  • An online ticket can be purchased only by a verified user
  • Only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are supported for online purchases
  • A verified user can buy a maximum of 1 online ticket
  • Online Tickets are non-refundable

At the event you must have:

  • Your ticket QR on your phone screen
  • An ID card or a passport, showing your identity matching the name on the ticket

Please remember it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Use a telephone screen light or flashlight on the dance floor
  • Record photos or videos on the dance floor
  • Entrance of persons under 18
  • Bring flammable or explosive materials, weapons, or liquids
  • Give away a ticket to another person
  • Express aggressive behavior toward people

The festival administration reserves the right to dismiss anyone violating the rules mentioned above.

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