eZo Festival 2024 Opening

Fri / Jul 05

Ezo Festival 2024 opens on July 5 instead of June 7

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New Year's 2024 Festival at eZo

Sun / Dec 31

On December 31, eZo festival returns with 24-hour New Year festivities

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eZo Festival 2023 Season Closing Mzesumzira's Birthday

Fri / Sep 08

On September 8th, the eZo Festival is back with a double treat. As we bid farewell to the season,  we're also gearing up to celebrate Mzesumzira's ninth birthday and add another incredible year to our  memories

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eZo Festival 2023 Last Dance of Summer

Fri / Jul 07

While our final summer dance lies ahead, we can proudly declare that this year's summer has been an absolute blast!

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eZo Festival 2023 Season Opening

Fri / Jun 09

On June 9, we will meet at the same place!

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eZo Festival 2023 Pre-Opening

Fri / Apr 28

For several years, with the arrival of spring, the excitement of the upcoming eZo festival has been increasing

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Sazamtro New Year 2023

Sat / Dec 31

On December 31st, at 23:00 the 25 hour New Year party will begin in eZo

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Sazamtro Invites Closer Kyiv

Fri / Nov 25

The next guest of Sazamtro event series will be Closer Kyiv, one of the most important representatives of the Ukrainian electronic scene 

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SAZAMTRO Halloween with Vodkast Records

Fri / Oct 28

On October 28th, the spirits and magical creatures of our eZo, will come alive to host Sazamtro Halloween Party with Vodkast Records!

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Sazamtro Season Opening

Fri / Sep 30

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Mzesumzira Birthday with Sisyphos

Fri / Sep 09

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eZo Festival 2022

Sat / Jul 16

How many days does it take to miss something? Is 1057 enough?

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Sazamtro Season Closing

Fri / Jun 17

We’re now concluding the Sazamtro event series till September getting ready for the eZo festival.

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Sazamtro presents Mzesumzira music night

Fri / Jun 10

One tiny spring and three wonderful events flashed by. Along with the new memories these nights brought new friends too. Thank you for filling our hearts with positive energy and vibes this spring.

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Sazamtro Invites Slow Life | Cecilio | Laurine | Paolo Mosca

Fri / May 13

Spring has almost gone, but the  sun of joy still shines with all nine eyes. That's why we invite you to Sazamtro to take a look at May once again with pink glasses.

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Sazamtro Invites Esa | Philou Louzolo | G. Kura | Levi Love Disco | Ika  | Generali Minerali | Rydeen

Fri / May 06

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Sazamtro Invites Robert Johnson at eZo

Fri / Apr 29

This difficult times in which Ukraine and the whole world live now, we consider it expedient not to stop the movement, to do everything and not to lose hope for the future.

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Mzesumzira x Small Moves at Dedaena Bar

Sun / Apr 10

The sun rose, the wind sank and the snow melted. The intensity of our meetings will grow slowly. On 9 April Small Moves and Mzesumzira are having a party.

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Mzesumzira Showcase at Dedaena Bar

Thu / Apr 07

Autumns magically colored leaves on one side and the booming of an ever-moving river on the other. These poetic words are not more, not less

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