eZo Festival 2023 Pre-Opening

Apr 28 / Fri

For several years, with the arrival of spring, the excitement of the upcoming eZo festival has been increasing 🌻🎈 
We didn't spare our efforts this time either 💪 eZo will be filled up with fresh lineup, exciting news and positive emotions 🥰​

We are delighted to announce that this year we will start all four events with a LIVE program specially designed for the eZo festival 🎶 
We promise to bring you an exciting experience in all three scenes with oDa, kOs mOs, and Ska. 
eZo's main scene will be revealed on April 28th in a completely different form 🤫 You’ll understand exactly what I mean once you arrive! 

  • Audio Space B2B Sumo ​
  • Bekuchi ​
  • Beqa ​
  • Francesco Farfa ​
  • Ivan Iacobucci ​
  • Kdema ​
  • Kraumur ​
  • Paramida ​
  • Rati Live ​
  • Tevz ​
  • Vas
  • Volodymyr Gnatenko Live


Live: ​

  • George Koberidze​
  • DI (David Datunashvili & Irakli Abramishvili) 

📸 Reminder, taking photos/videos is prohibited on the dance floors. Take care of your bracelet until the end of the event. 
🚗 Shuttle taxis will run from Leonidze Street to the festival territory 👉 from 21:30 on April 28 to 22:00 on April 29. Also, every half hour from Mtatsminda parking lot. 
🚃 The funicular will also operate throughout the night, but if you still prefer to go your own way, here’s the location: ​Google Maps



  • I basket - 40 GEL 
  • II basket - 50 GEL 
  • III basket - 60 GEL 
  • At the door - 60 GEL

❗ Face and Age control ❗ 


🇺🇦 Free entry for Ukrainian Citizens. 

Citizens of Russia and Belarus will be able to purchase a ticket only from the website, only after the passing a special online control.