eZo Festival 2023 Season Closing Mzesumzira's Birthday

Sep 08 / Fri

📢 On September 8th, the eZo Festival is back with a double treat. As we bid farewell to the season, we're also gearing up to celebrate Mzesumzira's ninth birthday and add another incredible year to our memories 🎂

🌻Preparations are in full swing, starting even earlier this time, and the buzz is growing stronger. If you've missed out on our previous events, don't let this one slip away! eZo Stage will kick off with a live by MC Yallah & Debmaster, as well yet unknown artists of DIDUBE RECORDS, followed by captivating B2B performances by Mzesumzira residents and other talented Georgian artists. And on the kOs mOs stage, get ready for a fantastic showcase from Valencia's Club Oven.

Save the date and let's make September 8th an incredible day together! 🎉

Line Up 👇

  • Live: MC Yallah & Debmaster
  • Sneak Peaks from DIDUBE RECORDS:
  • Ko-x
  • 10G$
  • Sisyphos Showcase:
  • Sven Weisemann
  • Juli’n More
  • Anna Schreit
  • Tobi Dei
  • Levi Love Disco
  • Sumo B2B Zurkin
  • Abdali B2B Nika J
  • Audio Space B2B Gio Sengelia
  • Kdema B2B Bekuchi
  • Vas B2B Tomma
  • Beqa B2B Parna
  • kOs mOs X Club Oven Showcase:
  • Pau Perez
  • Pin
  • Ikako


🌿 Please remember to take care of the environment and the people around you, and make sure to place plastic items in Tene's designated green recycling bins ♻️.

📸 Kindly be mindful of others' personal space and refrain from capturing photo or video material on the dance floors ❗

🙌 Do not remove the bracelet until the quest is complete

🚗 Shuttle taxis will run from Leonidze Street to the festival territory 👉 from 21:30 on August 8 to 22:00 on August 9.
Also, every half hour from the Mtatsminda parking lot.



  • Early Bird - 40 GEL
  • I basket - 50 GEL
  • II basket - 60 GEL
  • III basket - 70 GEL
  • At the door - 70 GEL


❗ Face and Age control ❗

🇺🇦 Free entry for Ukrainian Citizens.

Citizens of Russia and Belarus will be able to purchase a ticket only from the website, only after passing a
special online control.