New Year's 2024 Festival at eZo

Dec 31 / Sun

On December 31, eZo festival returns with 24 hour New Year festivities  - 4 different stages and exciting new activities

To wrap this special year we collected all your New Year wishes and scattered them on the musical carousel starting from  23:00. 

Friends of Mzeesumzira, along with the residents, will be spinning the decks, sKa stage will debut the techno. 

The main stage will host the new year market where starting from 23:00 you will also be able to enjoy your favorite selectors and magic Jam Sessions. 

Surely we haven’t forgotten about the weather - most of the space is wrapped, covered and heated and of course, you can dance around the bonfires outside. 

Make sure to join us from the beginning to celebrate the new year together and bid farewell to eZo till summer. 


Line Up:

  • Afro Jam Session 
  • Alfreda Stieglitz 
  • Audio Space
  • Beqa (Live)
  • The Forest
  • Ikako
  • Iko
  • Kdema 
  • Ly Sas
  • Nika J
  • Perishu 
  • Rati (Live)
  • Vas
  • 3 am


📸No photo/video on dancefloors. 

🎗️Make sure you keep the event bracelet till the end of the party. 

🚍Minibusses will be transporting guests from Leonidze street to the festival from 21:30 till 20:00 January 1st and from Mtastsminda Park every half an hour. 

🚠The funicular will also operate throughout the night



  • I basket - 70 GEL
  • II basket - 80 GEL
  • III basket - 90 GEL
  • IV basket – 100 GEL
  • At the door -100 GEL


🔖Face and Age control 18+

⚠️Free entry for Ukrainian Citizens.

Citizens of Russia and Belarus will be able to purchase a ticket only from the website, after passing a special online control.