eZo Festival 2024 Opening

Jul 05 / Fri

Ezo Festival 2024 opens on July 5 instead of June 7.

This year's festival plans have been disrupted by ongoing events in the country, but despite the challenges, life goes on. During this time, creating a free space for music, joy and self-expression has become even more important to us.
For the opening event of the festival, Ezo is featuring artists and collectives from the local scene.


Ezo With Friends:
Kdema / Rati Live / Audio Space B2B Autumn Tree / Gio Shengelia / Zurkin / Nika J B2B Tomma


Oda Meets Sioni Hi-Fi Soundsystem:
Sumo / sTia / Salo / BreezakBass / Juno Q Beat (King Juno’s style)


Kos Mos X Small Moves X Pluto’s Plan:
Hatsvali Live / Pasha / Hudson / Ika / Usherenko


During the festival We kindly ask you to:

  • Respect community diversity and self-expression.
  • Respect each other's personal space and the culture of consent.
  • Be careful and protect the environment.
  • Follow the +18 rule.


Tier 1 - 60 gel
Tier 2 - 70 gel
Tier 3 - 90 gel


For information on returning tickets for the June 7 event, please follow the link: