Greener EZO

EZO Festival is proud to announce our green initiative - Greener EZO, starting from the 2024 season.

Festivals and the entertainment industry significantly contribute to waste production, particularly plastic waste, which has detrimental effects on our environment.

Until now, we have made efforts to minimize environmental damage with the resources available. However, this year, we are committed to addressing environmental issues with greater responsibility and consistency.

As part of the Greener EZO initiative for the 2024 season, we are implementing several key changes:


  • No More Plastic Bottles: Beverages will no longer be sold in plastic bottles within the festival grounds.
  • Elimination of Plastic Straws: We will discontinue the use of plastic straws.
  • Increased Recycling Bins: The number of recycling bins will be increased, and their placement will be optimized for better accessibility.
  • Enhanced Waste Management: We are overhauling our waste management procedures to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Support from Green Volunteers: Green volunteers will be on-site to assist and motivate attendees to participate in our sustainability efforts.


We believe this issue is important to our community as well, and we count on their support to help us build a more sustainable festival experience.

See you at a greener EZO.